Graphic Boys Design Submission

You Can Submit Your Design On Our Website. If Your Design Get Approved By The Admin Your Design Will Be Uploaded On Our Website!...

Submission Rules:

• Don't Copy Or Modify Anyone's Design!

• Make A Design On Your On Skills & Creativity!

• Design Must Be Unique!

• You Must Have Experience On Graphics Designing!.

• If We Find That You Have Submit A Design From Another Site,We Will Take Steps For You!

• Your Project Type (Premium Or Free) Will Be Decided By The Admin!

• Premium Projects Price Will Be Decided By The Admin!

• Don't Use Premium Font On Your Project (But Png Format Is Allowed)

• Always Use Free Fonts!

• We Will Take 20% Revenue Of Your Premium Projects For Our Site Maintenance!

• We Will Pay Your Revenue Once A Month!

• For Free Projects You Will Not Get Any Money,But Will Get Fame!

• After Uploading The Project You Have Same Responsibility To Advertising That!

• Don't Do Any Mistake While Submit The Design! 

• Do Properly What Is Instructed!

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